How to Protect Your Personal Laptop with a Proxy Server?

laptop with proxy server

A proxy server is becoming an important tool for both businesses and individuals today. This tool sits in between you and the internet to ensure you have a private and secure connection. This is vital, especially in the modern world where cyber threats are on the rise.

But then, not everyone knows how they can use a proxy server to their advantage. The initial proxy setup process seems intimidating for many people, especially first-time users. This article is for you if you have ever found proxy server setup daunting. It will help you configure a proxy server correctly on a PC.

laptop with proxy server

Here’s everything that you need to know about proxy server setup.

Setting Up and Using a Proxy Server

Many people today know why proxies are vital for their computers. They are searching the internet looking for where to buy proxies. Thankfully, the availability of fast and affordable proxies in the market has helped most people start using them for their online safety and privacy.

But as discussed earlier, the setup process has been an uphill task for many people. This is because a significant number are first-time users with no background knowledge about proxies. Thankfully, informative guides and articles like the one you are reading have rescued such users.

Remember that you first need to invest in a reliable proxy server. A free or shared proxy won’t be a good pick if you want premium privacy and security. If your budget is tight, consider the wide variety of cheap dedicated proxies available in the market. 

With a cheap proxy server, you will save money without compromising on quality. But then, don’t make price the only factor when choosing a proxy. Aim at buying the highest quality proxies to be sure of your online privacy and security.

With a dedicated proxy server, you have more control of your online safety and privacy. You also can easily scrap websites and gather all the data you need. But then, dedicated proxy servers can be costly. The best way to find the cheapest private proxies is by investing your time in in-depth research. 

Or, you can also opt to invest in a VPN server for your laptop. This is because there are only a few differences in how these VPNs and proxies work. Otherwise, a VPN can also guarantee you privacy and security on your personal devices.

How to Set Up a Proxy Server 

The first step to using a proxy server is setting it up correctly. This means configuring the proxy server to work with your computer and network. But then, this isn’t easy, especially when it comes to operating systems. This is because every operating system has a specific set of procedures that you must follow.

Here’s how to set it up;

In Windows 

You can set up your proxy server in windows using automatic configurations or do it manually. The method you choose will depend on your skills. The automated configuration script is easier since the system almost does everything for you. However, you must follow these steps for a manual setup.

  1. Start by simultaneously pressing Windows + I to open Windows settings
  2. Next, click “network and internet” then “proxy.”
  3. Turn on the two toggles on this page; “Use a Proxy Server” and “Automatically detect settings.”
  4. The system will search for an automatic proxy server.  Turn on “Use Setup Script” once it finds it
  5. Lastly, enter the script address and save it.

In macOS

There are also ways to set up a proxy server on a macOS device. The best thing is that the method is the same for all macOS versions, so you can feel free to apply the steps and commands below. Here’s what you must do to get a proxy server up and running on macOS.

  1. Start by clicking on the Apple menu to open system preferences
  2. Once you’re there, choose your preferred network type – Wi-Fi or Ethernet
  3. Click on “advanced” and then “proxies.”
  4. Set your computer to automatically discover proxies and fill the fields on the right of the screen
  5. Select “Proxy server requires password” if using a protected proxy server
  6. Enter your login credentials and click save to complete the setup process

Testing the Proxy Server Connection

laptop proxy server

Setting up your proxy isn’t enough; you need to test it. Otherwise, you may compromise your privacy and security if the proxy server connection isn’t strong. But how do you verify that the proxy server you have set up is working? Well, here are a few steps that will help you do it.

  1. Open the Internet Explorer browser and click on the settings icon
  2. Next, click on “connections” and then “LAN settings.”
  3. Check “Use a proxy server for your LAN” and enter the proxy server credentials required
  4. Close the dialogue box by clicking “OK.”
  5. Now, try to browse any website to check if the proxy server is working.

Why Have a Proxy Server on a Personal Laptop?

As mentioned earlier, people use proxies for various reasons. For businesses, they bring about a competitive advantage with more security, privacy, and speed. As an individual, you can also benefit significantly from using proxies on your personal computer. Here’re some of these benefits.

  • Better Security – Individuals like businesses suffer online attacks. This makes it vital to protect personal computers with security tools like dedicated proxies. 
  • Bypass geo-blocking – You can access restricted content without any issues with a dedicated private proxy. It alters your IP address location giving you full access to this content.
  • Protect Kids from Harmful Websites – You need a private proxy if your kids access the internet using your laptop. You can configure it to block access to websites that you deem harmful.
  • Online Privacy – Secure browsing starts by keeping your IP address under the cover. With your IP address hidden using a proxy, cybercriminals won’t be able to target you.


There’s no doubt that proxies are becoming more important in our lives today. The need to increase online security and privacy is what’s pushing people to use proxies more. Besides, there are many other reasons to use proxies, like web scraping, which is why there are proxies for scraping in the market.

This article has provided tips and insights that will help you set up your proxy server correctly. It has looked into proxy server setup procedures for Windows and macOS devices. This makes it easier to get a proxy server up and running on any computer. You can also check proxy setup tips for various browsers.