Types of Backlinks You Need to Start Building Today


Everyone knows that backlinks help build website authority and reputation. There are so many articles telling you how to do it, where to do it, and who to cooperate with to do it successfully.

But not so many experts dive deeply into the types of mentions that will actually do the job. You can’t just post a link to your page on a bunch of forums and wait for wonders to happen. There are certain types of references that are built naturally or a little bit with your help that make your site known as a credible one.


Let’s find out what they are!

Editorial Backlinks

The best type of references that usually builds itself. You write engaging articles, do research, create valuable media content, and other websites link to your materials in their posts. This is the most common type of reference in one’s portfolio.

To manually help your editorial links build, use the guest blogging effect. Offer engaging pieces of content to relevant blogs, add a link to your source there, and other writers will link both to those articles and the ones they will find on your site.

Unlinked References on Relevant Websites

Once you build some credibility, try looking for mentions of your business, brand, blog, products, services, articles that don’t have links. Simply contact the owners of the sites and ask to add them.

Usually, they will agree because having a more informative piece is good for them as well. To look for unlinked mentions, use Google Alarms. You can set an alarm for many different words, thus finding out about every unlinked mention of industry-specific words as well.

Broken Links Across the Net

This one is much easier. You go online, look for relevant websites that have backlinks that link to broken pages. If there is a similar piece on your website, you can offer it to the webmaster. If not, you can offer to write it.

Pitch the articles you create, tell them why your link should be on their website. If the content is great, you’ll easily get new backlinks.

You’ll need to look for these links for a while, but some of them can become highlights of your portfolio, helping you earn profit with the website later on. Find info here if you want to know how to make money and continue doing what you love.

Rewards and Badges from Other Platforms

Do your best and get rewards and badges from other websites. They will link you, which makes it a win-win. You get both a link and a reward. There are many things to do to get those badges.

For example, you can implement a sophisticated customer experience (more on the topic on cxcentral.com.au), do niche-specific research, or create a guide that will encompass a wide area of expertise.

Or you can create a full guide on a hot topic in the niche and promote it to become known. Look for opportunities, post rewards on your site, and build authority and credibility to get backlinks naturally.

Diversify Your Profile

These 4 types of links will diversify your portfolio and make your site known across the Net. Let it be seen to your target audience everywhere: on other niche websites, on social media, etc.

By building credibility with editorial and badge links, you show both the TA and search engines that they can trust you. By harnessing social media, you’re going to become closer to the potential and current readers and customers.

Make your profile high-quality and diverse, analyze it regularly, and post great content. And the results won’t make you wait long!