The Type C USB

In these modern computing days, USB has been very important. From connecting to a device to a storing data to an external drive, USB connectivity is one easy way to bring all your woes into one package. But the thing is, as modern computing comes to age, users tend to look for a better alternative like something faster and slimmer. This has been the grounds for improving the venerable USB connectivity.

The new USB standard is called type C. It has shown it presence with the new Macbook release recently. But does this new standard really up to its predecessor or it is simply a way to invigorate interest amidst some rival connectivity options developing around?

usb type c

The first thing worth noting with types C is the fact that it is reversible. Meaning there’s no one correct way to insert it. This would be very useful for new users, and those who seem to forget at times. This would also imply that it would be easier to insert and you can never be wrong while doing it.

Type C is also smaller than the Type A USB which has been around with computer since the late ‘90s, although it is a little bit bigger than the micro-USB commonly found with smartphones. But with the huge shrink in terms of size, the performance was upped with huge notches. With a data rate of up to 10 Gigabits each second, it can surely keep up with the demands of modern computing without hiccups.

Also better with USB type C is the power rating. It can support up to 100 watts of power hungry devices so you won’t have problems charging your devices through it. In paper, charging your phone through your friend’s phone is very much possible.

With the above mentioned features, the technology will surely be embraced with enthusiasm from major manufacturers. And with that, this technology will surely reach average users faster.