The War of Gaming Laptop Brands

True fans of a certain franchise have a tendency to buy every single item that features its logo and title. From Harry Potter-themed backpacks and X-Men action figures to the One Ring replica inspired by The Lord of the Rings and a pipe and a deerstalker modeled after the ones used by Jeremy Brett and Benedict Cumberbatch – a real fan has it all! When it comes to gaming laptops, however, there is little use for action figures or pipes: it is not like you can hang them on your screen or something like that, right?

But, you can show your fandom in another way, by purchasing a laptop somehow inspired by references from the popular culture. Here is how branding and creativity are mixed with high quality laptop performances.

May the Laptop Be with You

Why the long introduction? Because of this – the new Star Wars-inspired laptop from HP, or, to be precise, the new Sith-inspired laptop from HP. If you need an explanation what the difference between these two terms is, you are not a real Star Wars fan and you probably would not even look into this model. Nevertheless, it manages to catch everyone’s attention, regardless of their fandom or lack of it.
War of Gaming Laptop Brands1

Its glowing red presence and a bunch of Star Wars pictures makes it quite attractive, so any potential buyer is bound to notice it, especially if they are fans of the movies. Moreover, it also has remarkable specs – Intel Core i5 or i7 processor, 2TB of hard drive space, 12GB of RAM, Nvidia GeForce 940M, etc. – so is a good choice for all gamers out there. But, it raises the question – which is more important, the presentation, i.e. the design of the laptop, or what is inside it?

The Essence of Design

In short – the design is much more important when it comes to gaming laptops nowadays. And the reason is quite simple, actually: almost all top-notch models have similar specs and are, at the end of the day, all more or less the same. One model might have stronger graphics, the other is configurable up to more hard drive space, the third’s processor is slightly faster, and so on. And their prices are in the same range, too. Because of that, the specs are not setting one model apart any more – it is the design.

War of Gaming Laptop Brands

All respectable gamers know how much their laptop’s appearance means to them, which is why they are looking for the most unique model they can afford. Since most models are virtually the same, even when they come from the same brand – the aforementioned Sith laptop is just like HP Pavilion 15t, only without the visual images – and it is up to the creative department to land the killing blow, say experts from a creative agency in Sydney. Creative professionals are making the difference and coming up with these themed models that the gamers love so much.

The Epitomes of Gaming Laptop Branding

When listing examples for this type of branding, omitting ASUS’s Republic of Gamers would be a sin. This brand – or sub-brand, if you like – has been present for almost ten years now and has been a sort of an inspiration for other manufacturers as well. Ultimately, it became a paradigm of a trustworthy gaming laptop and is very popular with everyone looking for a good value for their money. However, ASUS even went a step further and did such a good branding strategy of RoG series that they transferred these ideas onto other products as well – from desktops and motherboards to headphones, monitors and gaming mice.

War of Gaming Laptop Brands2

Dell’s Alienware is another paragon of a quality-meets-design laptop and has been present in the gaming world for quite some time now. Its science fiction design is especially appealing to gamers because it enhances the effects of the game they are currently playing. Imagine playing Wolfenstein on a Wolfenstein-themed laptop – by the way, how cool would that be? – and you will get the idea of what it is like when you are playing an SF video games on Alienware.

The Essence of Branding

Every time you buy a laptop, you are buying more than just a machine – yes, it is all about the specs, but do not forget the package, the design and the branding, because these will create an unforgettable effect and make you enjoy your gaming even more.


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Although a Physics graduate, Marcus opted for work in fields of technology, marketing and web. He is also an author at Technivorz blog. He likes an occasional game or two and has seen Star Wars films 44 times.