Things to Be Considered Before Buying a Gaming Laptop

If you are a gamer and want to purchase a laptop, you know the importance of owning a gaming laptop. The gaming laptop must be considered the best in terms of performance. This is critical, especially if you are playing games such as high-power games such as Grand Theft Auto V or The Witcher 3.

Other than all, the process of choosing the best gaming laptops can be intimidating for those who are not too well known with the correct specification and components that provide good quality performance. In this article, we will discuss the features that a gaming laptop should have.

This article will help you find the best gaming laptop. So, check out the following features to consider before buying a gaming laptop. Or it would help if you were kept in your mind before going to purchase. Here is the list of the features that a gaming laptop should have.

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Here is the list of the features that a gaming laptop should have.

  1. Best GPU
  2. CPU
  3. Screen size
  4. SSD storage capacity
  5. Display
  6. Brand
  7. Price/Budget

Best GPU:

A gaming laptop must have the best GPU. Every gamer must be aware that thousands of images do pump out of the screen every second. However, the gaming laptop must possess the best GPU.

An example of this is the GTX 1060 that is capable of handling modern AAA games. If you are into 720p gaming, the best GPU would be the Nvidia GeForce MX150. But, the Nvidia GeForce will also do just ok, and it depends on which suits your budget.

Choosing the best GPU largely depends on how much speed you are aiming to have during gaming, and the thing is how much you are willing to spend to be capable of getting such a rate. If you are an informal gamer, then a GTX 1050 will already do just ok for you.


The other important thing that every gaming laptop must-have. It is not enough that you have the best GPU other than GPU CPU is also another essential feature. Your gaming laptop also needs to have the fastest CPU.

Because if you work quickly, then your game should run fast. If your budget permits, the best option for the one with Intel Core i7. 

Other than that, you probably settle for Core i5. Steer clear from gaming laptops that only have Core i3 processors. However, when you are checking the CPU, also take into consideration the clock speed.

Your priority should be to opt for the one that has a clock speed of 3.3-GHz. Because If you only have 2.2-GHz, be aware that your competitor using a CPU with 3.3 GHz is more likely to outperform you. When choosing your CPU cores, you must focus on the one with at least a quad-core because the CPU is the computer’s brain.

Screen size:

A laptop with a screen capacity of 14 inches would be straightforward to use, especially if you are looking to game on the go. Before purchasing a gaming laptop, Do not forget to check the weight and see if it does not weigh more than 5 pounds; then it will be the best for a gaming laptop. Gaming laptops that are thin and small and they can be a better option. However, it could also mean more expensive.

SSDs Storage Capacity:

Storage capacity is the essential part. If a gaming laptop you can afford only has HDDs (Hard State Drive), don’t worry. It is not still the end of the world for you. After some time that you can afford it, choose a gaming laptop that has SSDs.

These SSDs are not power-hungry. Therefore, they do not develop as much noise, and heat as HDDs do.

Generally, SSDs are more reliable, and they have given the fact that they are not mechanical. These SSDs are smaller in size, lighter and thinner, and last longer even when running on a single battery than laptops that use HDDs.


With screen size, the display must be necessary for gamers. Displays that have AMD FreeSync or Nvidia G-Sync do a better job in stopping screen tearing that usually comes when the computer keeps producing images that are not in sync with the refresh rate of your display.


Gaming laptops from famous brands are charged a handy price for their logos. You must know that it is yet possible for you to spend a few on a laptop, and that laptop has advanced specifications that may be equal if not exceed those with big brands.

For this, you can still have a solid gaming laptop at a price that is within your budget. But, if you have hundreds of dollars to spend, do not hesitate to buy one from Razer, MSI or Macbook, etc.


The most crucial factor that you should keep in your mind before purchasing a laptop is the budget. The best and most powerful gaming laptops may only be for your eyes just because if its price is too high for your account.

Thus, don’t take tension and, this does not mean you have to settle for something that is not good. There are already different gaming laptops below $700, which have some advanced specifications. You have to pick carefully which one fits according to your gaming preferences.

Final Verdict:

This article is about the buyer guide before they are going to purchase a gaming laptop. There are several things that you must keep in your mind when you are going to buy.

Gaming laptops are more about performance, display, and technical abilities than a general notebook.

 Although gaming laptops have a different common a faster revolution than our imagination. These gaming beasts have to respond quite quicker at every gamer’s command through your gesture or voice control. The advent of VR and AR techies, face recognition, and uninterrupted graphic demands have made gaming laptops more appealing and demanding.