Tips To Make Your Macbook Battery Life Longer

There are many tips on caring for the macbook batteries and it can easily to be found on Google or the other search engine. All of those tips suggests us to remove the battery if we use the laptop for a long time. Now, is the battery of Macbook has the same treatment with the general portable computer or laptop? The answer is of course not, battery of macbook has different treatment than general computer battery.

First of all let’s take a look how many Cycle count of your MacBook. To check the cycle count: From Desktop, click apple symbol on the menubar and select about this Mac.

And then the new window will show up after which, next Select More Info. By clicking more info, you will see a new window which contains all the information of your MacBook. Then Scroll to Hardware and then Select Power. On Health Information part, find Cycle Count there. Now you will be able to see how many cycle count of your MacBook.


And if it’s more than 400 Cycle count, It means you have to prepare your money to buy a new battery. Why?? mentioned that the cycle count of the MacBook early 2015 is up to 1000 cycles. After 1000 it is no longer feasible, it still can be used but the performance is totally decrease. Check oout the chart below to see the cycle count of your macbook.

Now the question, How to maintain the Cycle count of our MacBook so that it isn`t increased so rapidly?  Here’s some tips:


If it possible to connect your MacBook to the Power Adapter (Charger), just connected it. If the battery indicator on the menubar shows 100%, then you don’t have to unplug your MacBook from Power Adapter. MacBook has its own mechanism to take power from the power adapter. If the Battery indicator already shows 100%, the power will be taken directly from the Power Adapter. If you click on the battery indicator then you can see the Power source already changed to Power Adapter.

If the power indicator suddenly reduced from 100% to 95%, unplug the power adapter. When it reaches 100%, the battery will have a discharge mechanism, and it will decrease the power. If the decrease until it reached 95%, then removed the MacBook from Power Adapter. After Unplug the power source, Use your MacBook until 20%, after that please re-connect your MacBook to Power Adaptor.

Calibrate your MacBook battery once a month. Calibration can be done by using the MacBook until its battery completely drain until reaches 0%. However, do not calibrate your battery, just once a month.

By doing all the Tips and Tricks that already mentioned above, it will help you to make the accretion of your cycle count slower, and it makes your MacBook battery life longer.

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