Best Ways to Troubleshoot Printer Carriage Jam Error

printer jam error

Technology has made humans life easy and fast. Nowadays, people can solve their queries within a fraction of minutes & also perform their daily routine work instantly. Due to the great hype of the technology, numerous computing devices take advantage of it. Most of the computing devices whether a printer or a well-equipped laptop highly configured with the innovation. Along with that, printers are used widely in most of the reputed and non-reputed fields so that they can solve their overall queries in an effective manner.

printer jam error

Printers are categorized in different fields such as Inkjet. Laser, Deskjet, and more. Sometimes, using one thing or device for a long time can create some serious troubles in the internal section of the printer device. The carriage jam issue is one of them. This problem is one of the silliest faults in printers that degrade the overall performance of the device. A carriage jam is also considered a Paper jam error. This fault frustrates a user a lot as it automatically stops printing as the paper is stuck in the paper feeder.

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In this post, I’ll highlight some parts of the carriage jam fault and provide relevant troubleshooting tips to deal with it.

What do you mean by Printer Carriage Jam Error?

Typically, a carriage jam error is a fault that arises in the printer when it displayed an error status on the screen. The main reason for this fault occurrence is paper stuck in the feeder of the device. Another root cause that contributes to the error occurrence of the device is poor placement of the cartridges and inadequate quality of ink in the cartridges. On the settings menu, the text ‘Carriage Jam’ or ‘Carriage Blocked’ appears. The carriage mechanism that supports the inks stops against the product’s left side. It’s possible that a jammed paper happened before.

Reasons for Printer Carriage Jam Error

There are numerous reasons that enhance the probability of carriage jam error occurrence. Some of them are listed below:

Improper Paper Placement

This tends to be the most common cause, there’s a lot that may go incorrect while feeding paper into the input tray. Pages that are glued all together, a paper that is crumpled or torn, or an overflowing tray can all cause issues. Paper blockages can also be caused by using an unsuitable type of paper.

Damaged Rollers

Pages from the input tray are pulled in by rollers. With time, rollers may experience wear – and – tear. They’re intended to endure a long time in most cases, but mistreatment can cause it to break.

Poor quality Cartridges

Using decreased cartridges can result in errant ink and toner being left over. This would not only cause paper jams, but it will also have an impact on quality.

Bad quality Inks

Using poor inks in the printer device would cost you the printing experience. Ink plays an important role in better printouts. It also impacts the quality as well.

Note: As a printer user, you need to remember lots of things pre and post-printing. Along with that, maintain a decent maintenance process of the printer device so that it can easily fetch instructions. The printer’s equipment underwent from the cleaning process as dust inside the cartridges or carriage may lead to a critical problem. Moreover, clean all sections of the printer device carefully with the help of a muslin or cotton cloth for the greater good. Having clean components in the device provide a good feel to the printer device and promotes good print quality.

Ways to Troubleshoot Printer Carriage Jam Error

1. Remove the Power cable from the socket

First of all, remove the power cable from the socket carefully as it effectively stops all the printer processes. Open the cover of your printer for disclosing the carriage assembly.

2. To withdraw the tray, simply squeeze both of the levers located underneath the paper tray.

3. Rotate the carriage unit from the printer’s left side to the center point, in which you can easily identify it.

4. Press it down and afterward remove the huge black rod immediately well above rollers, allowing it to bounce back up. Now try sliding the carriage assembly back to right.

5. In the tray section, look for the glossy black element just underneath the rollers. It should be perpendicular aligned to the printer’s foundation and lying flat. Push it down if it’s pointed up.

6. On the left-hand side, detach the actuator’s arm that is joined to the grey or white geared unit. After you’ve released it, you’ll have to put it back in its proper place.

7. After all the above components are in their proper places, move the carriage unit to the right side.

8. Plug in the power wire and switch on your printer after you’ve reinstalled the print head.


Paper stuck in a printer is too annoying, but if you follow the right mechanism or methodology, then you can effectively get rid of it. To fix a problem, you need to remember the exact root cause. Here the case is also the same as you need to pick the roots of the faults and try to fix them instantly and improve your overall printing experience as well as the process.

You should be familiar with the printing process if you own a printing device. The printer rotates the ink cartridge forward and backward before transferring the ink on the sheet. You should also be aware that paper jam faults often can result in carriage jam failures in printers.

Along with that, you need to remember paper quality while going for a printing process. Proper maintenance of any computing device especially a printer is very important. Sometimes, printing a thick paper may lead to the printer carriage jam fault as it stocks in the feeder of the device.


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