Windows 8, 8.1 Tips: Quickly locate files created at a certain time or of a certain size

We’ve all forgotten the name of a file that all of a sudden we desperately need to find on our PC. Despair not because there are other criteria other than filename you can use to locate files. For example, when they were created or saved, or how big they are.

Quickly locate files created at a certain time or of a certain size

To find files created around a certain time, Open computer (or the folder you want to search) and type datemodified: in the search box at the top right. You’ll see a calendar with a list of options below it (such as; a long time ago, Earlier this year, earlier this month, etc…) click one of the options to see the file created in that time frame.


Clicking “A long time ago” displays files created more than a year ago. Click any of the dates on the calendar to narrow your search. To see files creates between specific dates, go to first date using the navigation arrows on the calendar and click it. Now, press and hold the Shift key on your keyboard, navigate to the second date, and click it. You will see a list of files created between those dates.

To sort the files by size, click the “x” icon in the search bar to clear it then type size: You’ll see a range of different file sizes from “Tiny (0-10KB)” to “gigantic (>128MB). Click the option you want.

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