best cheap tablet

2014′s Best Cheap Tablet

5 Best Cheap Tablets

In an era where technology and internet is in-demand, having the right tools for it is really a must. This is where a tablet comes to meet the demand. There may be laptops around but when you need the Wi-Fi capability and being lightweight in a single package this is a way to go. To make things easier for you here are some that will really fit your tight budget. One of this tablets can be considered as the best cheap tablet in the market today, it’s up to you which one will be it.

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type of laptop user

What Type of Laptop User are you?

Different Kinds of Laptop User

In previous years laptops have been growing tremendously in popularity as compared to desktop computers. There are many kinds of laptops that are available depending in your needs. It is extremely simple to discover a (cheap) laptop that will meet your needs. The question however, what exactly are you looking for in a laptop or notebook? What type of laptop is worth buying? Am I spending more time playing games on my laptop? How often do I travel? Do I need a laptop that has a long battery life? Consider asking these questions to yourself before you buy any laptop. Continue reading

samsung chromebook 2 Review

Samsung Chromebook 2 Review

In the recent trend of technology, internet connectivity takes a very huge stride. Almost all activities we have on daily basis require internet connection. From various office works, to sharing some memorable photos, it requires the internet to do the job easier, for this very reason that smartphones and tabs have become very known in the tech scene. But have ordinary laptops lost its charm? Think again. That’s where the Samsung Chromebook 2 really plays a huge part.
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pink laptops

Pink Laptops: 5 Things to Consider before the Color

Pink Laptops: It’s a girl thing

Color is one way to express one’s self. This is one of the simplest ways to show a little personality. For that matter, many people are after a specific color for the things they own. Their room’s paint, the color of their car, their favorite shirt, their house, their cellphones, and of course their laptops. One good reason for this is the fact people use their laptops often and seeing their favorite colors every time they work can already make their day. And for girls, a pink colored laptop is a sure winner. But there are numerous choices for this. To weigh your options, these are some things you might want to consider before you choose from a huge list of pink laptops out there. Continue reading

logitech g15 gaming keyboard

Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard

Logitech G15 Keyboard Review

Control is a very important aspect of gaming. As many folks would tell, control does have a huge role in making or breaking a game. As many people would speculate, keyboard does have a lot of things to tell when you wanted to have overall control over your game. One of the best keyboards for gamers out there is Logitech G15. And for what reasons?! Here are some points you may wanted to know.
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best laptop brands

2014′s Best Laptop Brands

6 Best Laptop Brands in 2014

At most, people try to find the best for what they pay. By that, everything from their cellphone to their cars, they wanted to know which could be best suited for their needs without paying that much. For that, a simple list could help one decide what to buy and where to start looking. Of course, it doesn’t have to be in the number one spot to have the best. At such, this list of best laptop brands will shed some light over your choices. Continue reading

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