5 SEO Trends to Keep in Mind for 2022


The Google search engine considers more than 200 factors when it comes to ranking your company and others in the search engine. One of the factors that are considered is the optimization of your website and links within your website. 


If you want to improve your SEO rankings, you need to keep an eye on these upcoming and current SEO trends. Need to know what they are? 

Read on now and learn some tips that will help you restructure your SEO strategy accordingly. 

1. Deeper Understanding of User Intent 

One tip we have to offer before you begin updating your SEO strategy is to refocus on user intent. When people open a search engine, it’s because they have a specific question they want to ask and find the answers to. 

Having a deeper understanding of user intent and why people search for things the way they do will ensure that you optimize your pages to meet these needs. You’ll understand the keywords they use and begin to sprinkle them throughout your content. 

Thinking like a customer will not only ensure your SEO strategy aligns with what they need, but it also ensures you’re structuring other areas of your business, including marketing, to meet the needs of your ideal customer. 

Managed SEO is important during this phase, and there’s more here you can learn about it as you continue to educate yourself. 

2. Enhance the User Experience 

Many consumers are concerned with the experiences they have with companies more so than the actual products they’re buying. This means if your user experience isn’t ideal or has red flags, you’re likely to lose a customer before they’ve had a chance to view your products and services. 

Throughout 2022, you need to create search engine optimized content that helps to answer questions customers might have. By doing things like this, you’re taking the initiative to answer a question before the customer has to ask it. 

This reduces the amount of time they spend contacting customer service and helps them get back to using their products the way they want to.

Not to mention enhancing the customer experience shows your customer base that you care about them more than the money they put into your company. You care about how your company makes them feel, which if positive can increase the number of incoming and reoccurring customers you have.

If you’re unsure about the customer experience you’re offering, there are several tools you can use to gauge the performance of your website. 

It also helps if you insert surveys and feedback forms for customers to tell you what they think and provide insight on changes you could make. 

3. Focus on the Mobile 

People spend more time on their mobile devices than other forms of technology mainly because they’re always on the go and don’t have time to stop and pause. That said, you need to adopt mobile SEO trends. 

The way your website is portrayed via customers’ mobile devices can make or break the message you’re conveying about your products. Before you launch your website and promote it for people to see and visit, ensure it works across all devices. 

Remember, search engines will promote business websites that have taken the time to optimize their websites accordingly. This is not to say your website won’t appear in a search engine if it’s not mobile-friendly. 

However, it won’t rank as high as you would like it to without taking this extra step. The more mobile-friendly your website, the better off your business is going to be, and you’ll start to see a conversion in leads to sales. 

4. Zero-Click Searches 

Consumers want the answers they need quickly without having to search for them. This means being directed to the right website in just one click. 

Finding what you need in zero clicks is an emerging trend and one that you need to pay careful attention to. The way to make the best out of zero clicks is to carefully consider the keywords you sprinkle through your website and content. 

A zero-click optimization strategy can help to increase the awareness surrounding your brand. Not to mention it also allows you to reach more people and direct them to the place on your website they need to be in little to no time. 

5. Increase in Voice Search 

We’ve all seen the commercials for tech devices like Alexa, but it’s not just something to mindlessly watch and forget about. Consumers are using voice search now more than ever, and it’s an SEO trend you should take advantage of. 

For example, as you create your business page on Google, you should provide answers to questions that someone would need to be answered by your business. Therefore, when they use voice search and ask a question, the appropriate answer will appear for them. 

Another factor to consider as you move forward with voice search in mind is your website and other pages have to load at a decent speed. When people ask a question, they expect it to appear within seconds and not have to waste time waiting for the page to load before they’re provided with the answers they need. 

SEO Trends: What’s Trending Today Won’t Trend Tomorrow 

SEO trends change and evolve just like several other factors within every industry. The difference is they become more advanced and help your business to rise to the new challenges it faces. 

Whether you’re focusing on providing customers with a better experience or optimizing your website for voice search, there are several trends to consider. Want to find out more about SEO or other related topics? Continue exploring our website. 

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