How do we add Yandex Mail to Outlook for Mac – A Quick Guide

yandex mail

Yandex Mail is a web-primarily based free email service developed by Yandex. It is an email service provider and is similarly used as other email services. It has many traits like automatic email grouping, a comprehensible GUI, mail sorting, advanced contact management, and plenty more. Yandex Mail gives diverse functions like reminders, message templates, and keyboard shortcuts. The Yandex Mail service uses automatic direct mail filtering, a built-in translator, and a search message option for emails.

yandex mail

Aside from the functions provided by Yandex, the user may produce other reasons to add Yandex Mail to Outlook. Outlook is one of the most premium email services developed by Microsoft. It includes various functions like managing contacts and calendars, communication manager, and task scheduler. It is more flexible and provides systematic updates to meet users’ requirements.

In this article, we have elaborated on the possible techniques to configure Yandex Mail settings for Outlook on Mac. But first, it is necessary to know some of the reasons to migrate Yandex Mail to Mac Outlook.

What are the Reasons to add Yandex Mail to Outlook

Outlook offers more efficient and customized features to the users for a rich email experience. It is the most widely used email service in the corporate sector. Outlook provides effective Task management, sharing calendars, and delay delivery features. Moreover, there are various reasons for which users want to migrate Yandex to Outlook on Mac.

  • Yandex Mail does not support the Exchange Support feature while Outlook supports it.
  • Users can configure and add Multi-Account in Outlook by configuring Yandex Mail Outlook settings.
  • It is possible to lock files on Outlook to prevent accidental changes.
  • The calendar in Outlook includes an agenda, day, and three-day views.
  • Another reason is the popularity and diversification of Outlook over Yandex.

These are the following factors that trigger users to add Yandex Mail to Outlook on Mac. After thinking about all of the scenarios, we have described the possible methods to import Yandex emails to Mac Outlook.

Manual Method to Add Yandex account to Outlook on Mac

Migrating Yandex email to Outlook on Mac is not easy. Most of the users get in trouble when they try to Import Yandex Mail to Outlook on Mac. They are unknown to the right methods that can be implemented to convert Yandex to Outlook. So, we have mentioned the tried and tested method in this section.

Users are suggested to follow the below steps properly to add Yandex Mail to Outlook on Mac.

  • Open Outlook for Mac and Sign In with the login credentials.
  • Click on Outlook from the left top corner then Preference and select the Accounts option in Personal Setting.
  • In the Add Email Account section, enter Yandex Mail user ID then press the continue button to set up Yandex Mail Outlook settings.
  • Now, open Yandex Mail in the browser, click on Settings and select the Account Management option.
  • Choose the app password or create a new password and click on Add Account.
  • Finally, press the done button and exit.

By performing these steps sequentially, users can add Yandex Mail to Outlook on Mac OS. Hope you have understood how to configure Yandex Mail in Outlook POP3. Now, it is important to know some of the limitations of the manual method that users often face.

Limitations of the Manual Method to Configure Yandex Mail settings for Outlook

Manual technique is not considered to be the best effective and professional approach. The manual method has various limitations due to which users do not get the desired result. They have to face some complications when proceeding with the manual solution.

  • Users are required to follow the lengthy and time-consuming procedure.
  • They must ensure to have the prior technical knowledge to add Yandex Mail to Outlook on Mac manually.
  • Users can import only Inbox items from Yandex to Outlook.
  • Any imprecision in executing the method results in a complete breakdown of the process.
  • It is not possible to remove duplicate emails with the manual method to Import Yandex Mail to Outlook.

The Manual method does not deliver the optimum solution. That’s why many users and experts recommend a professional solution to remove such hindrances. They prefer an advanced Yandex Backup Tool for Mac for an effective and risk-free process. An advanced solution enables the users to easily and quickly import and backup Yandex emails. Users can import complete mailbox items with or without email attachments. They can also eliminate duplicate emails and get 100% accurate results.


In this blog, we have found how to add Yandex Mail to Outlook on Mac OS manually. We have also discussed the reasons to import Yandex emails to Outlook. If we talk about non-technical users then the manual method is not suitable and does not produce optimum results. For this, many users suggest using a professional and automated solution to get accurate and risk-free results. A professional technique takes less time or effort and facilitates a smooth process.

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