Beginner Tips for Navigating Your First Mac

girl working on mac

You’ve spent years listening to your friend & family telling you about Apple products and begging you to get a Mac. Finally, you’ve decided to take the plunge, and you’ve bought one! You’ve taken it out of its strange looking box and you’re ready to go, but almost straight away you feel like everything is different. You’ve gotten so used to using Windows after all these years, you just don’t know what to do. Don’t panic! Both Windows and Mac are two of the most prominent operating systems in the market.

girl working on mac

Windows and macOS have their differences, however, they also share many similarities. If you’re just switching from Windows to Mac read on as we uncover a few top tips to help you navigate your new Mac. And remember if you ever get stuck you can always connect with a local Mac repairer in your area for assistance and advice when things get too complicated.

Loving the New Trackpad

One of the coolest advantages of your new iMac or MacBook over a Windows computer is its technologically advanced trackpad. Not only does it scroll and click, your Mac trackpad has a wide range of multi-touch gestures to help you navigate your apps in a flash. You can use it to zoom in on images & text, using a pinching motion with your thumb & finger. Likewise, you can move them apart or move them together to zoom in and out. Another unique feature is a super-fast way to get back to your desktop. Simply place your three fingers and thumb on the trackpad and spread them apart, this will immediately show your desktop. You can reverse that gesture to quickly see all your apps on the launchpad. T see mission control, swipe up with three fingers, here you can quickly and easily click on any of your active apps. As you get the hang of your Mac’s trackpad gestures you’ll be navigating your Mac fast and easier than ever before, so try the new trackpad for Mac.

Use Spotlight to Find Everything

You might be used to Cortana on Windows 10, now it’s time to get used to navigating your way around your Mac. You can use Spotlight as a search function to find just about anything on your Mac or to search the web. Just press the space and command keys together on your keyboard to instantly bring up the Spotlight Search bar. Now just start typing the name of the app or document you need and bang there it is. Did you know that you can even perform quick web searches right from Spotlight? If you need help using your Mac try typing in Mac repairs Melbourne or Mac repair near me to find a local Mac expert.

Check Out Apps in Split Screen or Full Screen

When working on a MacBook or a smaller laptop, utilising your space is key. Fortunately, any app can go into Full-screen mode on a Mac, just click on the green button in the upper left corner of the window to enlarge. To get out of full-screen move your cursor to the upper left corner of the screen to force the title bar to appear. It can get annoying switching between apps when using more than one app at a time. To run apps side-by-side just click and hold the green button in the upper left corner of one to select “Tile Windows to right of Screen” or “Tile Window to left of Screen”. This will place all your other apps on the opposite side of the screen, now just click the 2nd app you want to appear beside your first app.

Get Help From a Mac Specialist

Now that you’ve been using your Mac for some time you might have some more detailed questions or want to know what else you can do with your Mac? To get more acquainted with the inns and outs of your Mac you might look at the Apple community forums. However, if you run into trouble and need a Mac specialist for repairs and service you can usually find a local expert in your area. Due to the inherited design of a Mac, not every computer repairer is able to service MacBooks or iMacs. Finding a reputable Mac specialist will mean that you are not only obtaining sound advice but are dealing with a technician who is well-versed with the macOS. A Mac technician will know the macOS operating system very well and will be able to advise on everything Mac related.

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