How to remove keyboard keys

how to remove keyboard keys4

There are times that a keyboard simply fails. Then you may ask, what am I going to do with this? Well before you throw in the towel, checking those keys would be a good idea. Although you may not find the fault from it and you may even end up buying a new one, it still pays to make sure that the keyboard is faulty for real. This is especially true with laptops. To do that, here are some simple steps on how to remove keyboard keys that you can duplicate at home.

First thing first, check all the power cables and battery. Working with a computer that has power in it can be very dangerous not just for the device but for you as well as it can cause electrocution.

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Then before you decide in ripping apart your keyboard, make sure that the keyboard is really faulty. Desktop keyboards are quite cheap these days. But knowing how to check and clean it can be very useful often how to remove keyboard keys 2

The next thing you need to do is to prepare some tools. The preferred approach is by using plastic prying tools. This will somehow lessen the chances of further damaging the keys when you try to repair it. Conventional flathead screw drivers should work but it’s more risky. how to remove keyboard keys 3

This approach is perfect for laptop keyboards as well. The technique is to lift and release the lock that makes the keys stick to the board. how to remove keyboard keys 4

Be mindful that the locks for laptop keyboards vary for each model, although some units or even brands may share the same keyboard model. Slowly, lift the keys out of the board. You may hear some clicking sound when you do this but this is normal as it’s the sound of the locks lifting away.

Laptop keyboards are trickier to deal with, be mindful of the hinge’s orientation. But, to guide you on this matter, checking for the character orientation is the fastest. After you lifted the specific key, you can easily check and see if it’s really faulty or it simply needs some cleaning.

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