5 Best 15.6 Laptop Sleeve [2017]

best 15.6 laptop sleeve

Mobile computing is becoming a trend in modern times. With that, carrying a laptop or a netbook becomes somewhat a necessity. With the daily grind we are encountering scratches and damages can be inevitable. But then it does not mean you should accept this fact and forget about proper care for your mobile companion. With that in mind, there should be something that can make things niftier and better overall. That can be possible if you add laptop sleeves in the equation. A common dimension for modern laptops is 15.6 inches. For that here are some of the best 15.6 laptop sleeve.

What is a Laptop Sleeve?

When you buy a new laptop, you will definitely want to keep it protected, so that it will last longer, in a good state. For any laptop, if the user ensures protection by using a sleeve, it will be a great advantage, because it will not be exposed to any damaging factors, as it would without having a sleeve on. For instance, 15.6’’ laptops are very portable and easy to work with; therefore, users tend to carry them around, exposing them to possible damage. A 15.6’’ laptop sleeve will protect it and ensure it is not that easily affected by the environment. So, we will be discussing some reasons why it is important to protect your laptop and also some useful tips on how to select the most appropriate sleeve.

A sleeve is made of a soft material and acts as a protective cover for your computer. It is water resistant and can easily fit into your backpack, purse or briefcase, so there is no need to carry a heavy laptop bag with you.

Choosing the most suitable 15.6’’ laptop sleeve will depend on the reason why you want to buy it. If you want it because of the design and good looks it can offer, then there is a range of sleeves with a metallic look, which might be the best choice for you.  They look very sophisticated and immediately draw people’s attention.

amazon basics laptop sleeve

Another alternative for fashion design lovers, are the leather laptop sleeves. They look very nice and stylish and give a bit more glamour to your overall appearance. And besides that, because leather is a very durable material, the sleeve will last for as long as you will want to use it.

On the other hand, if you don’t value the aspect that much and you just want a sleeve for protection and convenience, then it is safe to say that any sleeve will get the job done. There are a lot of affordable models on the market, which are either made of cheaper leather or combine it with plastic. These are fairly durable and can be used for quite a while until they get deteriorated.

Some other factors that might add to a convenience oriented laptop sleeve include lightweight construction, added pockets, for pens, documents, or other item the user needs to carry around. All this adds to the protection features and provides the sleeve with more usefulness, for people who don’t want to walk around carrying a lot of stuff with them.

How to select the Best 15.6’’ Laptop Sleeve

If you’re unsure about what sleeve might suit you best, then have a look at these tips and you will find it a lot easier to make a decision.

kayond 14 inch laptop sleeve

Choose Your Style

Make sure that the style of sleeve fits your preferences, so that you will not get bored with it very quickly. Consider the design, looks, color and all other style aspects that you believe are important.

Suitable Material

First, consider the durability of your new sleeve. Depending on this criterion, the sleeves are made of different materials, which provide a different degree of durability. Leather, plastic, cotton or suede, are just a few example of materials you can choose from. Besides this, make sure your sleeve is lightweight and water resistant.

Closing system

The sleeve has to close properly and have strong fasteners, in order to hold your laptop snugly. Zippers or other types of fasteners have to be sturdy and not open up easily and send your laptop down to the ground when you least expect it. Make sure the closing system allows your laptop to be securely held in place while kept inside the sleeve.

Protection Padding

If the sleeve comes with padding, then this is an added advantage, because it will provide more protection to your laptop.


These are definitely needed if you don’t want to carry an extra bag with you. Many models come with pockets. Have a look at them and see if they fit your needs.


Most people don’t just want to walk around holding the laptop in their hands, so the sleeve has to come with more than one carrying alternative. You will find some that come with handles, shoulder, hand or backpack straps, to allow you to carry the laptop in more than one way. This is one of the most useful features you might want to consider.


What you will definitely need is a good report between quality and cost. Don’t just buy an expensive one, because this doesn’t mean it’s the best. Don’t get the cheapest stuff either. Do some research and see what features you get for a certain price, see what is more convenient and only then make your purchase.

5 Best 15.6 Laptop Sleeve

Case Logic LAPS-116 15 

This is made from seamless wrap of Impact Foam padding which provides topnotch protection for your laptop. The perfectly fitted woven webbing along on each side figures subtle texture resulting to a nifty design. With its slimline case, it can protect your device on its own or even when you pack it inside your favorite bag. Weight is pegged at .53 lbs. so you do not have to worry much about additional weight from it. And of course, it will comfortably fit 15.6 laptops without problems.

15.6 laptop sleeve - Case Logic LAPS 116 15 15 6 Inch Laptop Sleeve

Targus – Debossed Laptop Sleeve

This product is made from high quality materials so you can expect optimal protection from slight bumps due to accidents. The neoprene, water resistant finish is perfect for water spillage just in case. Weight does matter for mobility fortunately this sleeve is light weight. Its slim and form-fitting design can easily fit into backpacks. To wrap it around, a debossed graphic exterior is applied for a sexy finish.  Of course, this sleeve fits nicely laptops with up to a 15.6″ display.

15.6 laptop sleeve - Targus - Debossed Laptop Sleeve

Digittrade Designer Notebook Sleeve

Our next 15.6 laptop sleeve on the list is not just good looking but also comes with the protection you are looking for. It comes with anti-shock system that can prevent damages on your mobile buddy from light impacts. It is made from high quality neoprene material which resists water, a nice additional protection. It has good padding that offers all-around protection for your laptop. Plus the fact that it comes with zippers, accidental sliding from the sleeve is greatly minimized. A little downside is its price as it comes steeper than common competitors. But then for those that wanted style and protection packed into one, this is for you.

15.6 laptop sleeve - Digittrade Designer Notebook Sleeve

Gino Black Mesh Notebook/Laptop Sleeve Bag Case  

When it comes to durability, nylon usually comes to mind. This is where Gino sleeve bag ticks the right boxes. With that, you can certainly expect it to be of service for years. As it made from a combination of flannel and nylon, it can protect your notebook against dust, bumps, and scratches all day long. It can nicely fit laptop sizes up to 15.6-inch. As you can expect from nylon, this sleeve comes with feather-like weight. 

15.6 laptop sleeve - Gino Black Mesh Notebook

AmazonBasics Laptop and Tablet Case

And the last entry on our list of best 15.6 laptop sleeve is Amazon’s AmazonBasics Laptop and Tablet Case. Having reviewed on amazon by 1200+ satisfied customers, they’ve agreed that this compact case is the perfect one to handle 15.6 inch laptops. This laptop sleeve also features a lot of rooms for your accessories such as pens, portable mouse, mobile phones and iPod. With the help of its adjustable and padded shoulder pads, you wont be worrying too much strain on your shoulder anymore.

15.6 laptop sleeve - AmazonBasics 15.6 Inch Laptop and Tablet Case

Final Words

Getting a 15.6’’ laptop sleeve can prove to be an excellent decision, in order to protect your laptop from daily wear and tear. The main purpose is definitely to keep your laptop as protected as possible, so make sure you follow these tips and get the sleeve that really fits your needs.