Best Keyword Planner Tools for Bing Ads

Best Keyword Planner Tools for Bing Ads

In order for a website to flourish, the usage of keywords is vital. Keywords are essentially words or phrases that people use to seek answers – into the search engines. They are also called SEO keywords or search queries. You can learn more about SEO and lead generation on many websites like AdOnWebs , Moz , SearchEngineLand, etc. They are used to increase the quantity and quality of the traffic to the website. Including any keyword relating to the subject matter of the content doesn’t promise the development of the website; one has to conduct in-depth research regarding the appropriate keywords that would ensure the growth of the website, which comes under the broad aspect of Keyword Research.  

Keyword Research

Keyword Research is all about choosing the best words and/or phrases that catch the attention of the targeted audience, looking for answers to the questions that the website is designed to answer. The answers could range from providing facts to products and services. It is the process of understanding the target audience better. To be specific, it helps the creator understand the language of the users/customers searching for the content. It involves analyzing and comparing the best keywords that provide the opportunity for the growth of the website. These phrases are critical for any form of a marketing campaign. This research helps in:

  • Creating better SEO strategies
  • Public Relation campaigns
  • Target audience
  • Advertisement
  • Fellow competitors
  • Appropriate keywords
  • Brainstorming 

There are multiple research tools that help in making Keyword Research easy for the creators, some of them are as follows:

  • KeySearch
  • Soovle
  • Jaaxy
  • Ahrefs Keywords Explorer

These tools help a creator find the keywords /phrases that help the growth of the website to its full potential and helps the creators to avoid making the mistake of including unnecessary keywords/phrases that nobody looks for. However, to make good usage of these keywords/ phrases, one has to keep in mind to make appropriate use of them; this process of finalizing the keywords/phrases comes under Keyword Planning.

Keyword Planning

Keyword Planning is the process of identifying the most relatable keywords/phrases that the creator has found through research. The Research has just helped the creator find keywords/phrases that fetch the maximum amount of audience. Now the creator has to sort from the given research as to which of them suit their content the most and have the capacity to bring in the maximum amount of the targeted audience to visit the website. The planning also helps the creator get an idea of the cost of the keywords. While Keyword Planning, the following aspects should be clear:

  • Significance – Every search engine analyses the content and ranks it with regard to its significance with the keyword. The creators need to keep in mind that every content available on the search engine has been thoroughly analyzed; therefore, in order to gain importance in the ranking, the content must be outstanding than the already present ones. 
  • Ability – With the search engine analyzing the content, the creator must be aware that the content would only reach the targeted audience given it stands up to the expectations of the audience. The content must be exceptional than the already present ones. It will only be beneficial for the creator, and it is very important that the content has strong points for it holds its ground and stands with, if not higher than the already present content. 
  • Capacity – It is highly essential for the creator to know the traffic flow of their keywords. They could use keywords that make them the first site to appear on the search engine with it, but if the targeted audience doesn’t look for the specific keyword, it would be useless for the creator that their website is the first one in a search no one searches for.

Keyword Planning is the most crucial step in the whole process of making the site available and accessible to the targeted audience. There are a few tools that help a creator have a relatively easy time in distinguishing what is required and what is not, namely:

Best Keyword Planning Tools for Bing Ads

Microsoft Advertising Keyword Planner

A Microsoft origin tool for research and planning. Its suggestions come from its wide database, “trends,” and “marketplace competition.”  

  • It allows the creator to “experiment with different bids and budget levels” until their satisfaction with the traffic flows into their website.
  • It allows the creator to choose the location of the targeted audience.
  • The option of “cross-border campaigns” is also available.
  • The filtering of the keywords/phrases is easily customizable.
  • It is free of cost.


Bing’s algorithm values the age of the domain and URL, which is why this tool helps the creator make a reasonable choice with the keywords/phrases. It offers a suite for the creators to 

  • Recognize the appropriate keywords the targeted audience is looking for.
  • Assemble and categorize the keywords
  • Help the creator to use the keywords to reach the targeted audience.


It calls itself an “all-in-one online visibility and content marketing suite.”

  • Improvises the pages
  • Finds trending keywords 
  • Measures the influence of the content

Keyword Eye

It uses autocomplete APIs to generate multiple keywords with “monthly search volume and cost per click data.”