Computers and the Need for Cable Modems

cable modem

The Internet is one of the things that we use computers the most for in today’s world. It allows us to connect to people all over the world, research information that can help us with projects or in our daily lives, and even do some shopping. Without the Internet, today’s culture would be a very different thing. However, none of us would be able to access the Internet without a very specific piece of equipment, the modem. A modem is absolutely essential to allow any of us to access the Internet for otherwise, our computers would not be able to process the information as it flows.

Modems were once used to access the phone lines and while there are still some computers which will access the Internet over the telephone, most computers now have cable Internet capabilities. The transfer of information will flow much more freely over cable than through the phone line as it has the capability to transfer information much more quickly. The need for a modem still remains. Computers are not able to process the information coming in through the cable without the modem to translate it. It serves as the gateway between a computer and the Internet.

The modem can come in a variety of forms. Some computers are build with the modems located directly inside of them. This was more common, however, when the Internet was accessed through phone lines. Currently, most Internet connections will come out of the wall through the cable hookup and will head directly into the modem. The modem itself is often hooked up to a router, which can then send the information of the Internet in a variety of directions. Without the modem initially, however, the router itself would be useless.

A modem can come in a variety of formats. Some modems are built in conjunction with routers, allowing one device to serve as both pieces of equipment. This can be very handy for some users, allowing them to have both functions handled very efficiently. Other modems work as stand alone pieces, which some people prefer them to be. There are certain modems with special capabilities which can greatly increase the speed of your Internet connection. Considering that the cable Internet capabilities have to travel through the modem so that every user can access the Internet, the modem acts like a gateway. When certain modems have the ability to handle that information and translate it at a quicker pace, this can greatly speed up any user’s Internet connection.

Many cable Internet companies will provide a modem when they install your cable, although they will often charge you a monthly fee for renting this piece. This is why many people choose to own their own modems. Not only can they find a modem with a better connection speed than the one provided by the cable company, but they do not have to pay the rental fee for a modem that they own.

Cable modems can come in a variety of styles and functions. In order to find the cable modem which will work best for you, all you need to do is evaluate how important the speed of the Internet connection is to you. If you do not want to wait for pages to load, you may want to opt for one of the high-tech modems.