The Best LIGHTWEIGHT Laptop for 2021

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When people buy a new laptop nowadays they usually look for outstanding performance, sleek profile, and most of all portability. A laptop that they will not be having a problem carrying wherever they go. When it comes to choosing a laptop, a heavy or bulky laptop can give some pain on our body due to its built, thus making daily commuting a not so walk in the park. So to ease your problem of looking for some suitable laptops for everyday routine, we compiled a list of laptops that might help you pick the best lightweight laptop of your choice.

Best Lightweight Laptops

Microsoft Surface Pro – 3.5 lbs

No smartphone, laptop, or tablet PC represents Windows 8 far better than Microsoft’s Surface Pro. It is made on overall flexibility and the core features of the RT model by enhancing the overall performance and technology. Microsoft is constantly making advancements in the hardware division: its cutting edge Type Covers are living proof, supporting precise touch feedback. Navigation in the startup display runs more smoothly, and zoom capability – scaling modifications make it less tricky to manage Desktop Mode, as well as the Windows, start menu. The combination of 128GB SSD, an Intel Core i5 Ivy Bridge CPU and HD Graphics 4000 enables the hybrid to function the very same level like most ultrabooks available.

best lightweight laptop - microsoft surface pro

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Touch – 3.4 lbs

And also on the list of best lightweight laptops is the Lenovo’s ThinkPad X1 Carbon Touch. The ThinkPad X1 Carbon took a lot of Editor’s choice awards last holiday season, and now for the upgrade of their popular windows 8 laptop, they have made a touchscreen version of it. With a vibrant 14” touch screen which is very responsive and looks great, the same flawless keyboard and the IBM’s TrackPoint Mouse trademark this upgraded version can certainly rival or perhaps exceeds the success that its former version achieves. Whether it is an i5 or i7 configurations they still both show fast boot times, definitely a value to your money.

best lightweight laptop - Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Touch

Chromebook Pixel – 3.35 lbs

Supported by hardware, Google’s Chromebook Pixel is spearheaded by an excellent 13 inch, 2560 x 1700 resolution display that provides 239ppi and is likely to make watching multimedia extremely remarkable. A few of the more promising qualities that come with the Pixel is the trackpad, that’s built to endure major usage and offers smooth feedback.

best lightweight laptop - chromebook pixel

HP Envy x2 – 3.1 lbs

Those people who are seeking a best-of-both world device in the shape of a laptop/tablet hybrid, but still on their budget range should consider HP’s Envy X2. The aptly named Envy x2 has emerged as one of the top multifaceted convertibles by catering to both computing platforms and sporting the vogue of a premium netbook. The best feature of this laptop, however, is the dock-able keyboard, which dons an attached battery pack that provides a solid 12 hours and an audio jack, USB ports, HDMI slots, and SD Card slot. You might expect overheating to occur with just so much energy being pumped outside of the tablet and the dock, but you will be surprised just how cool the x2 throughout the day.

best lightweight laptop - HP envy X2

Apple MacBook Air (13 inch) – 2.96 lbs

Apple’s lightweight ultrabook achieves the thing that was at some point considered unattainable — it adopts and slenderizes the fabulous stylings of the MacBook Pro at the same time matching its power. Completely new Intel processors deliver robust standards to the cutting edge, as well as the introduction of new 3.0 USB ports along with the extremely fast Thunderbolt port provides high-speed data transfer rate. Upgraded battery lifespan (much more than 7 hours) is reassuring to individuals which require a travel laptop computer.

best lightweight laptop - Apple MAcbook Air 13

LG Gram 17 – 2.9 lbs

The LG Gram 17 weighs just 2.98lbs which is a perfect laptop to carry whenever you are on a business trip, hanging out on a coffee shop or need to work on school projects anywhere. It boasts a 17 hours battery life, has an 10th generation i7 CPU, with 16GB RAM for memory and 1TB of storage for your files. It also has a fingerprint and find my device feature that adds an extra level of security for your laptop. Read our full review here: LG GRAM 17 Review


Asus Zenbook Prime Touch – 2.9 lbs

Look for the phrase ultrabook and you will see a photo of Asus’s main product. The new 13.3″  HD IPS screen has crisp and clean touch response and graphic result, producing great viewing angles and deep contrasts. Zenbook Prime Touch eliminates wireless signal issues, generally because of its exceptional wifi reception. The keyboard really feels remarkable because of a big key design which enables typing an exercise in rest. Strong, sleek and lightweight are the best description for ASUS Zenbook Prime Touch.

best lightweight laptop - Asus Zenbook Prime Touch

Toshiba KiraBook – 2.9 lbs

When it comes to visual presence and style, Toshiba’s Kirabook can be regarded as the Windows counterpart of Apple’s paper-thin machine. Covered in AZ91 pressed magnesium alloy, the Kirabook stands as the thinnest and lightest high resolution laptop out there; it boasts an incredible 13.3 inch Concore Glass, PixelPure display that produces 2560 x 1440 resolution and an outrageous 221ppi. We’re talking about a display screen in a position of remitting 3.7 million pixels. Its integrated Harman Kardon audio speakers enhance the multimedia feel by booming crystal clear and over the top audio.

best lightweight laptop - Toshiba KiraBook

Acer Aspire S7 – 2.79 lbs

Acer finally builds a device deserving of its “explore beyond limits” tagline with the Aspire S7. It’s really a scarcity to see a Portable Laptop of the lighweight form which is not only sturdy and sliver-thin but additionally provides compelling performance. Those positive aspects can be awarded to the S7’s solid processing power and fast solid-state drive. The multi-touch engineering found on the 11.6″ IPS (In-plane switching screen (1920 x 1080) is remarkable to put it mildly, combining perfectly with its spectacular High definition video and image quality this one is a great value for your money.

best lightweight laptop - Acer Aspire S7

Samsung ATIV Book 9 with Full HD – 2.56 lbs

ATIV Book 9 earlier known as the Series 9 is eye appealing. The vivid result of the screen simply enhances the laptop’s enchanting form factor. Thus, making them the top choice for designers.  The ATIV Book 9 is undoubtedly a hard work in laptop development, but most spectacular of all is the fact that a smooth custom made framework defines to reduce major hardware components without limiting the performance. Weighing only 2.5lbs ATIV Book 9 definitely makes it as one of the top contenders for the best lightweight laptop.

best lightweight laptop - Samsung Ativ Book 9

And our pick for the best lightweight laptop is…

Dell XPS 13 – 2.5 lbs

DELL XPS 13 made fame for its tough and streamlined design marked by thin bezels and a solid carbon fiber body. Right now the American PC choice moved on to improve its first-ever ultrabook with well-known specifications, which includes a stunning 13 inch LED IPS display and Intel Core i7 processor. Keyboard quality remains impressive with and battery life gets an upgrade — providing 2 to 3 more hours of life. And a 1080p display that displays crystal clear and vivid images as well as a number of extremely efficient viewing angles seen on a laptop.

best lightweight laptop - DELL XPS 13