How To Create Taxi Booking App In 3 Easy Steps?


Taxi booking apps have somehow left behind the traditional methods of booking a taxi through calls or just hailing a taxi on the streets in real time. Therefore, taxi app development might be something that might totally obliterate the original taxi bookings and to find more, there are three easy steps that you can follow.

1.  Selection and customization of the design.

The very first step while starting out with the taxi app development is to settle on the design for the app and customize it in accordance with the requirements of the users. When doing so, it is important that you do not try and experiment a lot and stick with what has been proven in the past. This saves time and reduces the scope for mistakes and errors in the future. Creativity is always welcome but the users should find a design that they have worked with before. This also brings about easy navigation which means that the users can take to the app quickly. It provides all users with the opportunity of using the app for what the installed it for. When customizing the app, you can use a grid so that it becomes easier as it is not visible. The grids assist the developers to provide sufficient spacing for the content and other elements. This ultimately leads to an app that seems to be organized and not chaotic with buttons overlapping each other. Another aspect to focus on in the app design is the color palette that you use.

Make sure that the palette is the same as the app logo and there is a consistent scheme for the business as a whole. There is a necessity to find more about the use of colors and not take it lightly because if you use colors that are too bright, it might decrease the readability of the content. Try to use colors for what they are associated with like the green button for yes and red button for no. The app design should not be too complex or too basic but somewhere in between where there is a balance between both. This is because many users might use devices like smartphones which may not be able to accommodate complex designs in an efficient manner. This leads to another concern that the app design should be flexible enough to be loaded up on all types of devices, irrespective of their size.

2.  Addition of required and preferred features on the app.

The features have to be geared for uses by the passengers, drivers and the admin and therefore, there are different features for these three users. For the passengers and drivers, the most important feature is the registration and login as it provides them with their own personal account. For the passengers, they can keep a record of the cabs they have booked and the prices and the drivers can keep a record of their trips. The admin panel instead of the login features has one that manages the logins and accounts of the passengers and drivers for smooth functioning.

There should be a feature incorporating all kinds of payments that should be focused on in the taxi app development. This prevents the app from losing customers due to the payment method. Make sure that the app is flexible with debit, credit, net banking and phone wallets too. The commonality for the diver and admin features is the support for multiple currencies which is important as it assists in receiving payments in different currencies, facilitating people all round the world. There should also be a feature allowing the passengers, drivers and the admins to edit their profiles and alter information that may have changed or enter new information. A major feature is the tracking system for all three i.e. the passengers, drivers and the admins. The passengers can track the cab and find out the estimated time of arrival. The drivers have a GPS that can provide them with the location of pickup and drop off.

The admin can track the trips that both parties are involved in and control the information from both sides. The passengers should be provided with the option of choosing from different categories of the vehicles they would like to travel in. This also includes the choice of travelling in share of personal vehicles. For the drivers, the most basic requirement is the option of accepting or cancelling rides after the customers have booked a cab and the drivers receive the booking. This also means that there should be a feature for the drivers to update the start and end of a ride too. The fare should be automatically calculated and altered according to the destinations and the peak hours. This should then be communicated to both the passengers before booking the ride and the drivers at the end of the ride for convenience.

3.  Launch of the application on the app stores and promotion.

After releasing the app, make sure that everyone is informed and the outreach for your app makes it a known name. This can be done for both potential passengers and potential drivers who would want to work for you. Therefore, to increase your reach, you need to first analyze the modes of communication used by both the potential drivers and passengers and promote your app through that particular channel. To find more about these channels, you can use some online tools which can track the user activities online. It is very important to define your target audience beforehand so that you do not waste your time and money promoting the app to people who are not interested. After having done so, you can use social media to promote the app through campaigns directed towards the target audience.

This could be done on apps like Facebook which have a feature where you can post an ad and filter the audience that you want it to be visible to. This means that you would have to enter the information of people that the ad is directed towards and then use the feature which is chargeable. There might be a possibility that the potential drivers may not use the social media at all. In this case, you might have to rely on offline promotions and word of mouth to reach them. Although the contemporary media is more than enough, it would help to publicize the app on traditional media too. This could be done through television, radio and newspapers to ensure all people are incorporated. However, it is important to note that the promotion for the app can be started in advance in the days leading up to the launch of the app.

This might provide the app with the initial customer base when it does launch on the app stores. One of the most popular social media site is Instagram as most of the users are on it. The promotion of the app can be done on Instagram through the creation of a business account on the site. This helps the business to interact and receive suggestion from the users too. It can be done through some polls, surveys or live streams too.

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