How to Record CDs to Your Computer

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Music tracks recording has evolved from CD format to MP3 format. Music lovers have a wide collection of music that they would want to keep for life and of course to listen every once in awhile. Music lovers are faced with some problems now because CD players are out and MP3 players are in, but there are music tracks that are not available in MP3 format, which makes it impossible for them to listen to these songs using their MP3 players.

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As of now there are two methods being used by music enthusiasts in transferring their favorite songs from CDs to their computer. One is by using a USB turntable. This USB turntable has a software compatible with PCs and Macs.

There are also some who uses more complicated devices like a turntable paired with a phono preamp. These are expensive than the USB type.

When using this method, it is advised that you listen to the tracks first and then decide which to transfer. If a track doesn’t sound good, it will surely give a bad record output so discard it. You will be transferring one side of the album as one file and not by song, which implies that after transferring you will have to cut each record into singles.

One disadvantage for this method is that the memory space of your computer will matter in the transfer especially if you have a lot of albums to transfer. You will have to buy an external hard drive to accumulate all the albums.

The second method is for you to record the songs directly to a CD by buying a record player system. The CD is transferrable to the computer. There are now record players that you can buy where you can make albums that you can transfer to a CD. These players are usually expensive which prices range from $200 – 300 USD. You may also use a USB turntable with recording software for this matter. This is even cheaper than the record players; it costs about $100 USD.

Whichever method you want to employ you will have to take time to get used to the process. Although, the problem is that the transferred track may not be as good sounding as that of the original record, but what matters is that you are able to listen to them using your MP3 player.

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