How To Fix A Cracked Laptop Screen

broken laptop screen

You rely a lot on your laptop for professional and personal needs, beyond any doubt. It has helped you sail through important presentations and enabled you to reply to important client emails on the move.

It can be quite harsh when you find the laptop screen non-functional or Broken. So you search on google for how to fix a cracked laptop screen without replacing it so today this article is for you.

The damage can be mild to severe and the causes can be numerous. Instead of exchanging or selling the laptop, you may go for a (Do It Yourself) screen replacement.

broken laptop screen

It is not a costly affair, but you need to possess some technical skills and basic computer hardware knowledge for success in the venture. It will be more pocket-friendly than approaching your computer repair shop.

Things To Consider Before Laptop Screen Replacement

There are very few things that you have to consider before you venture into (Do It Yourself) laptop screen replacement. The most important thing is to make sure that you have at least enough technical mind and know-how to conduct this sensitive project. We had also advised you to back up your machine in case something should go wrong. Having said that consider the following:

  • Some laptop screens have an additional protector and that can be replaced at a minimal cost. So, you have to make sure that the actual laptop display is broken or damaged, to begin with.
  • If the laptop screen is broken accidentally and that is covered under a manufacturer’s warranty, you should call up the service center before anything else!
  • If the laptop was dropped and that led to screen damage, it is necessary to check possible damage to other hardware parts too. To check if the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit), connect the laptop with a desktop monitor via HDMI cable and check for display. If the laptop display is working on the external desktop monitor then it means your laptop display is damaged and needs replacement.

What Are The Reasons That Cause Laptop Screen Cracked?

First thing first, you should be aware of the laptop screen and how sensitive they are. Of course, without a proper functional laptop screen, there is no use of the laptop. There are many different reasons that can be responsible for this. I will explain a few here:

Very common damage to the laptop screen can be caused just by pressing it harder with an object or even fingers. I have seen a few fellows who’s laptop screen is broken by just pressing it hard with hands. You should always be careful while handling your laptops. Laptops are very decent and sensitive machines and require very gentle handling

A laptop screen can be easily cracked if you drop the laptop on a concrete. Always use a laptop bag to avoid such an accident. Around 30% of cracked screens are a result of the dropping of laptops on the floor. I mostly see many fellows who just broke the laptop screen and now asking how to fix a cracked laptop screen without replacing it.

If you have a simple touchscreen laptop then you have to be more sensitive about your laptop. You do not want to press hard which may result in the screen damage. It is recommended to use the stylus pen comes with touchscreen laptops or Chromebooks.

Hitting the laptop screen with a stylus pen or any sharp-pointed object can also lead to the cracked screen. You should gently use the stylus pen on the touchscreen.

Another important cause of a cracked screen is when closing the screen look for any objects that may be present on the keyboard. I have seen a fellow who cracked the screen as his earbuds were on the keyboard and he just closed the screen with a force. That resulted in a crack on a screen which was only fixed by replacing the screen.

Any physical damage can also lead to the damage of the screen that may lead to a crack. If you are using a normal laptop bag then do not throw it but carry it with more care.

Drooling hot water or drink on the laptop screen is also one of the common causes of screen damage. Never use a laptop while drinking coffee or tea.

Now if your laptops have this issue, refer to the guide for How to Fix a Laptop broken Screen Without Replacing It.

How to fix a cracked laptop screen

There are so many laptop models in the market right now and the internal-external hardware and display parts will vary from one to another. For example, the design and build of a Hp notebook will be different from that of a Dell model. However, the core process is going to be the same for the majority of the models.

After reading these solutions do not get in confusion or in a worried state because lots of people use a different set of tools to recover cracked laptop screens. You don’t need to worry about the reliability and safe outcomes after considering this solution. Trust me I am posting this method after testing it with my technicians.

Choosing the right working place is the first everything you can do for repairing your laptop broken screen. It is not easy for you to sit anywhere and fix the whole laptop screen. All you need is to get a straight table where you will place your laptop and other tools for fixing. I recommend you to use a flat table which can easily fit on the surface.

Required Tools

Sharp Tool

Use sharp tools or objects that are available at your home. Personally, I used to have small safety pins to remove the cover of the laptop. You can also go for needles and small common pins.

Small Container

You have to use a small container that can easily hold all the little tools like laptop screws which are commonly small in size. You should use a small but deep container that can keep all the little essentials of your laptop.

Nito Tape

A Nito-tape is essential for fixing a laptop broken screen. There are several types available for fixing mirrors, but eventually, before buying Nito-tape, I checked the whole market and did not found the best solution except this Nito-tape.

Small Screwdriver

You need to have a small screwdriver to unpack the laptop’s upper cover. I recommend you to buy that small screwdriver which has a magnetic head. It makes your work more comfortable and less tricky.

Step by step method

Step 1: Get a New Screen

You will need a new screen for your laptop before everything else. Browse the manufacturer’s website, to get resources and information on replacement screens. With less effort and web search, you can find so many websites where you can order the most suitable or even exact laptop screen that you need for your laptop.

The cost will vary based on the model and brand and can cost anything between $50 to $200 depending on the model. The high-end laptops are likely to cost more than normal but we recommend that your new laptop screen should match with a broken one.

HINT: It is a good idea to take a photograph of the components before you remove them so you know what goes where this is beneficial if you forget where a component goes.

Step 2: Remove the Bezel of the Display

Make sure you remove the laptop battery and disconnect it from power supply sources to avoid any mishap. Now, notice the bezel as this has to be removed that creates access to screws holding the LCD screen. On some laptops, rubber cushions covering the screws. These cushions need to be removed gently for screen replacement.

After the hidden screws have been removed, you need to remove the display. For this, you will have to use a thin metal blade to loosen the bottom corners and use a plastic spudger to take the screen out of the bezel. On some laptops, you will not find any such cushions and hidden screws. In those models, the bezel may be built in a way to snap into the lid.

Step 3: Remove the Damaged/Broken LCD Panel

When the mounting brackets of the LCD screen were exposed, you need to loosen and remove the screws that secure it to the lid. Then, put the display on a soft surface like cushioning after disconnecting all of its cables. Laptops manufactured before 2010 may have two cables, but for laptops with LED-backlit LCD, you will get one cable.

Step 4: Install the Replacement LCD Screen

After removing the old laptop broken screen, replace it with a new one, but with care and fit it with the same technic used to remove the old panel. After unpacking the new laptop screen, connect it to the cable gently. Then position the panel carefully on to the lid. Secure it with screws if applicable or else fit into the bezel with the mechanism.

Step 5: Test the New Display Panel

Before re-attaching the laptops’ display bezel, you may want to test the display. So for that put the battery back in the slot and connect the power supply as well. Power on the laptop and see if the display works. If everything is working perfectly, then power the laptop off and re-attach its bezels by screws and cushions.

Final Thoughts

The biggest problem that every laptop user can face is the broken or cracked screen of their device. Laptop screens are sensitive and the most important part of the system. No programs taking place on the system visible to the user if the laptop screen is damaged.

The Cracked screen of a laptop is one of the most irritating things that a user can face. However, it is easy to fix the cracked laptop screen in a few easy steps. It is clear that replacing the broken or cracked screen of your laptop is not an impossible but sensitive task.

However, you need to get the exact apparatus and tools, matched screen and should be patient throughout the procedure. Going through the laptop’s user manual in detail will make things easier for you. If you have Broken Mac so you have to consult with Apple Service Center here.


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