HP Pavilion G7-2240us Laptop Review – A Cheap Gaming Laptop

HP is a very popular technology company that produces some of the market’s leading laptop and PC brands. While the company produces high-end computing devices, they are also releases some wonderful, yet affordable laptops that can support all casual games and a few AAA+ title computer games. One such model is the HP Pavilion g7-2240us 17.3-Inch Laptop.

From its great processing speeds to wonderful graphics to great connectivity, this cheap gaming laptop offers the best when it comes to playing of computer games, listening to all genres of music, watching HD movies as well as performing other computing processes. HP pavilion g7-2240us has been in the market for some time.


Although very affordable, this HP Pavilion model delivers great gaming as well as computing performance thanks to its great processing speeds, adequate RAM as well as large storage capacity. It is armed with Intel Core i3-2370M with speeds 2.4 GHz and 3M cache and 6 GB of installed memory powering the intuitive Windows 8 Operating system. These features are great for multi-tasking capability as well as running highly demanding computer applications. It great graphics is provided by integrated Intel HD graphics 3000 powering its 17.3-Inch Screen. This means you can enjoy playing even the high demanding games in terms of graphics.
HP Pavilion G7-2240us

More than enough Storage

If you love data intensive games whose applications take much hard disk space, then you will love this cheap gaming laptop. This is because it is equipped with 750 GB 5400 rpm Serial-ATA Hard Drive. This has capability to store all your vital digital data including the data intensive game applications, favorite movies and music, high-resolution photos, sensitive documents and many more. This HDD also make it possible to load applications fast for installation and execution, improve rebooting time and waking up from hibernation speedy. The laptop also features the innovative HP ProtectSmart technology for the safety of your data.

Efficient Connectivity

Connectivity is an important feature to define the kind of laptop you should choose for your gaming needs. The HP Pavilion g7-2240us 17.3-Inch Laptop is equipped with the best connectivity features to enable you obtain online games and share your gaming experience with other computer gaming enthusiasts you may know. It features HP Connect Photo that allows users to synchronize photos snapped on their Smartphone or tablet and 802.11b/g/n WLAN and Bluetooth for easy internet access. It also has HDMI for widescreen gaming experience.

HP Pavilion G7-2240us - side

HP Pavilion G7-2240us Features

It is already clear what makes this cheap gaming laptop a good choice for those who want mobile gaming. Here is the highlight of the main features that make this device particularly great:

  • It features 17.3-inch diagonal HD+ BrightView LED-backlit display with maximum resolution 01 1600 x 900 for clear, unadulterated images powered by Intel HD graphics 3000 with up to 1664MB total graphics memory
  • Its storage capacity is provided by 750GB 5400RPM hard drive featuring the innovative HP ProtectSmart Hard Drive Protection Technology
  • It comes preinstalled Windows 8 OS powered by 2nd generation Intel Core i3-2370M Processor 2.4 GHz , 3M cache with 6GB installed memory
  • In terms of connectivity, it comes with 802.11b/g/n WLAN, Bluetooth, ultra-fast USB 3.0 port and standard USB 2.0, HDMI port for HD viewing
  • The HP Pavilion g7-2240us 17.3-Inch Laptop measures 16.22-inch W x 10.53-inch D x 1.22-inch-1.45-inch H and measures
  • The laptop comes with a 1-year limited hardware warranty with toll-free support giving you peace of mind.

HP Pavilion G7-2240us review

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If you have been looking for a cheap but dependable gaming laptop for your gaming needs then you should check the HP Pavilion g7-2240us 17.3-Inch Laptop. It is widescreen performs very well and has good graphics for satisfactory gaming experience. You will have a multifunctional computing device that you can depend on for all your computing needs.