Keeping your laptop computer corner clean and neat

First of all, it is a fact that today, we depend on our computers more than we want to admit. A large part of our private lives is dominated by social networks that we access through our computer. Additionally, our computer is often a replacement for our entire office. Here we conduct business interviews, we receive our mail and it is here that a large chunk of our entire work is done. Even though most working people resort to the use of laptops, in their homes there is always a corner for it just as if it was a desktop computer. For increased productivity it is imperative that we keep our laptop corner as clean as possible.

A Distraction Free Environment

People who work from home have a problem that seems extremely difficult to shake off. Everything you see is a distraction. This is why a simpler desktop can help you focus better and be more productive at whatever you decide to do. Although different ornaments and desk decorations are a great visual stimuli, more often than not, they will distract you from the real work at hands. Sometimes less is more, so try to keep on your desk only what is absolutely necessary.

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Practical Desk

Once you are on an important task, it is essential that you remember one thing, everything you may need must be so close that you can reach it without getting out. It is essential that your phone is on the desk, that you have a pen and paper close by and that you have a bottle with water (closed and on a safe distance from the laptop) close by. Have everything ready before you dig into work. Imagine how inconvenient it would be if in the middle of the work you ran out of the printer ink in the middle of very important work. This is why you need to check your toner cartridge at least once a month.

Keep the laptop keyboard clean

Keeping your laptop’s keyboard clean is important for two reasons. First one is practicality, since once it is piled up with dirt it may jam every once in a while. Second thing is no less important and it is the issue of hygiene. A dirty keyboard is a hazard for your health and should always be regarded as such. Remember to clean your keyboard every once in a while but the best approach in keeping it on a satisfactory sanitary level is in paying attention of keeping your hands clean while you use it. Wash and dry your hands every time before you use your laptop and you will already make a huge progress.

keeping your laptop corner clean

Keeping the cables organized

Now even though you use the laptop this doesn’t meant that there are no things attached to it. For example, at home you might want to attach it to a monitor or TV for a clearer picture. Adding speakers is another great idea and keeping your charger connected is almost a must. This means that behind your laptop there is a mess just waiting to be unleashed. Luckily for you, there are few ways in which you can keep your cables organized. For example, you can always label each individual cord or even create a homemade charging station to help you out. The world is your oyster

As you can see, where there is a will there is always a way. Try to find innovative ways of keeping your work desk clean and you might even have some fun along the way. A genuine win-win scenario if there ever was one. Investing just a bit of time in organizing your laptop corner properly you will make a great step towards an increased productivity.


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