Purism Librem 15: A better open source system

For decades, the open-source system has been advocated by several concerned group in order that owners of computers can enjoy the bliss of total control. One thing that comes to everyone’s mind when told about open-source PC system is Linux. This popular OS technically deletes most the restriction of an ordinary PC bound by multiple copyrights. Although this may sound freedom on most parts, this is not actually a total control that everyone may have thought of.

purism librem 15 3

Then here comes Purism with its Librem 15. A little recap here could remind everyone those “common” systems that had Windows blown away for Linux still requires the use of proprietary, digitally-signed firmware to start up during the booting process. Intel chips have been permanently fused so it can only look for digitally-signed firmware when started. They were designed to do this for security reasons and it works great while doing so.

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During the development phase of Librem 15, Purism discovered that the fusing of the CPUs can be set by the motherboard manufacturer to either look for digitally-signed firmware or not. As to why laptops brands did not have this removed it’s because they did not asked for it. Well, you have be a laptop manufacturer to ask for this thus making this option unavailable for common users.

There are a few things to consider of course. One is that there are numerous steps involved in this process and it won’t happen overnight. Another is the community involved on the process will be required to develop their own firmware to make things work for their benefit, although it is expected  that the development will be available in a few months.

purism librem15

Control over some nitty-gritty things under the hood is the main aim for developing open-source systems. With this step, keeping up with the demand of technology while enjoying the bliss of freedom can be mad totally possible.