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5 Best Thin Laptops

2015’s Best Thin Laptops There is just one best thin laptop that we know for a little while and that’s none other than the Apple’s MacBook Air. But, as we know, there are certain people that are comfortable with the windows OS and still prefer ...Read More

Best 17 inch Laptop [2016]

5 Best 17 Inch Laptop These days, multimedia entertainment is a common thing in many homes. You can have internet TV and a total surround speaker system, heck you may even do your Facebook over this one. But the thing is, it’s quite bulky. ...Read More

Best Battery Life Laptop

5 Best Battery Life Laptop When you decide to opt for a laptop, the first thing that influenced your decision is portability. The reason for this is the fact that laptops have batteries so you can take it virtually anywhere you wanted to without ...Read More

Best Mini Laptop: A Shortlist

2014’s 5 Best Mini Laptop There are times when smaller things fit perfectly for the purpose. At such technology tries to cope up with it through innovations in sizes which make things more manageable and easier to carry around. In the advent of mobile ...Read More

Latest Toshiba Laptops

Among the known brands in the laptop category is Toshiba.  This brand is among the top choices for laptop buyers for the reason of high level reliability and system integrity. Price wise, Toshiba does offer reasonable specification for their laptops without sacrificing prices. Here’s ...Read More

2014’s Best Laptop Under 1000

5 Best Laptops Under 1000 in 2014 In today’s standards in technology, companies have made compromises in making computers that would suit every need. For that, it dropped prices a bit making computer affordable for most folks. In a nutshell, one does not need ...Read More

2014’s Best Rated Laptops

5 Best Rated Laptops in 2014 There are several bunches of laptops available these days. Some of these are not very attractive and there are some that really stand out from the rest. Of course everything must be considered in order to find the ...Read More