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Chromebooks to have Intel Inside?

If you’ve been around chromebooks these days you know that not all manufacturers are really using the platform for their premium product. But that fact may change in the future. There have been rumors roaming around about Intel, the semiconductor giant, working with Google ...Read More

The Type C USB

In these modern computing days, USB has been very important. From connecting to a device to a storing data to an external drive, USB connectivity is one easy way to bring all your woes into one package. But the thing is, as modern computing ...Read More

BaseLift for Macs

As many people are prefer to use laptops than full sizes desktops, more and more manufacturers are into making the experience with such machines perfect. Take for instance a heat shield to separate the heat from the users. Another aspect of laptops that really ...Read More

The new Chromebook Pixel

There’s a new Google Pixel Chromebook. While some users have fret over the price tag of this browser computer, but for those who connect to the web the whole day, this machine can be their best friend. To start with, the new Pixel comes ...Read More

Toshiba introduces new laptops

Japanese brands are known to offer long lasting products. Often, these products can stand the test of time making your investment worth years of service. And if you’re a laptop kind-of-guy, looking for a new laptop, here are some of the new offerings from ...Read More

The updated Toshiba KIRAbook

Evolution is an inevitable part of any business. If a business failed to evolve then it will start to die. This fact is as well very important in the technology scene. Making some waves at times can get you where you wanted. Take for ...Read More

Fingerprint Security for Mac?

The trend for better security options for electronic devices has long been explored by many manufacturers. For the longest run, the basic “password system” has been very friendly for device owners. The thing is, it can be easily be undone by average hackers. For ...Read More

VAIO Z: First VAIO Laptops not from SONY

The past three years have obviously turned the table for computers. With the rising fame for tabs and smartphones, the market for full-sized computers dwindled. For this, Sony ditched their VAIO PC division so they can concentrate on developing better mobile devices like smartphones ...Read More

How to remove Desktop.ini

Desktop.ini what is it? Every folder on your PC has a desktop.ini file that contains the folder’s display settings, including its icon and the ‘info tip’ text that pops up when you hover your mouse over it. Like Thumbs.db files, desktop.ini files are created ...Read More