How to Choose a Desktop PC

Although mobile PC are prevalent nowadays, you can’t still can’t take out the Desktop PC. Desktop PC’s are computers that are well suited for every day tasks such as web browsing, emails, office documents, etc… but they can also be use on heavy duty tasks ...Read More

DirectX 12 on Windows 10

There’s a huge buzz around the computer realm these days. That is the conception and the building process of a new platform from Microsoft, the Windows 10. It was supposed to cope with the demand of times as various devices are in the market ...Read More

5 Best Thin Laptops

2015’s Best Thin Laptops There is just one best thin laptop that we know for a little while and that’s none other than the Apple’s MacBook Air. But, as we know, there are certain people that are comfortable with the windows OS and still prefer ...Read More

Best 17 inch Laptop [2016]

5 Best 17 Inch Laptop These days, multimedia entertainment is a common thing in many homes. You can have internet TV and a total surround speaker system, heck you may even do your Facebook over this one. But the thing is, it’s quite bulky. ...Read More

Best Ergonomic Keyboard

5 Best Ergonomic Keyboard The trend in business these days are made through the help of computers. Gone are the days that a simple typewriter works every time. As computers are present in business and homes, it becomes an important subject to build machines ...Read More