11 Windows 10 (Secret) Tips You Should Try

It’s been months now since Windows 10 launched, and the reaction of most of the users are: “Good, but…” Every user has their own “but’s”, whether its updates not working, hardware packing up or software mysteriously vanishing. As with previous versions of the operating system ...Read More

Advantages of Using UPS (Infographic)

An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is an electrical device that offers emergency power in the conditions when there are sudden voltage fluctuations or power failures. The main role of any UPS is to offer temporary power when the key power source fails. Normally, a ...Read More

How to Choose a Wireless Router

If you want to experience hassle-free connection on all of your device at home, then you need a reliable wireless router that can do the job. But, because there are so many options available in the market and ordinary individual will have a hard ...Read More

Traits of a Good Business Laptop

When they first appeared, business-grade laptops were bulky, boring and not very attractive. Of course, that wasn’t their purpose in the first place. The orders were amounting and the business community seemed never to have enough of them. However, as they developed, these portable ...Read More

ViewSonic VX2475Smhl-4K Review

There’s no particular reason why a computer monitor should match the resolution of a TV picture. But at around the same time the television industry began the move to 4K resolution (also known as UltraHD) the computer industry introduced the idea of Retina or ...Read More

World’s Smallest Windows 10 PC

You may soon be able to run Windows10 on your TV or monitor by plugging a small USB-shaped device into one of its HDMI slots. Taiwanese company Asus unveiled the VivoStick in early September at IFA, the Berlin based electronics tradeshow. At 14cm long ...Read More

Best Laptops for Linux [2016]

The idea of freedom is what drove the development of Linux kernel. Formerly, many people tend to see Windows, or Mac, as their option for their system. But then Linus Torvalds came and introduced Linux. This made things pretty interesting. Imagine a free-for-all system. ...Read More

Best Laptop for Architects [2016]

Designing a building can be quite tedious and time consuming. With all the things that needed to be balance like structure and good visual design, it becomes a nightmare when you cater multiple clients. Thank goodness for computers, developing good designs can be done ...Read More