A Look into Gigabyte Aero 14

Some people prefer a huge gaming machine to offer better viewing. But there are some that wanted a balance between mobility and power. And this time, Gigabyte made a truly compact gaming laptop. Gigabyte’s latest addition to its family is called the Aero 14. ...Read More

Jay: EE’s IPad Alternative?

The tablet wars started to get some life again after Apple unveiled its stunning iPad Pro. And just recently, UK’s service provider EE has unveiled their own version to compete with tablet arena. The device is called Jay and it’s quite a looker that ...Read More

Acer announces liquid-cooled laptop

As the software we run keeps the minimum hardware requirements not-so-minimum, the resulting system often requires additional power to run. And when power is present, heat is a sure thing to happen. The usual heatsink-fan combination has worked for decades and is quite reliable ...Read More